Dissolve into the Air


Whole nights to reflect, looking for the light, in the alleyways of our consciousness.

One fine day, The Awakening, the road lights up and the goal is closer.

Dawn comes and awakens our passions; it brings men together under the same flag.

The miracle happened; humanity has understood that union is the right way to build an ethical world.

A dream, a stupid dream!

I fall back into a black hole, searching for the reason why there is so much greed and irreverence towards this land that hosts us and the human being himself.

I understand that true salvation is given by division, separating the good from the bad, morality from immorality.

Dividing to unite… a dream? Another stupid dream? No, this is reality!

Do not be afraid to say no, do not be afraid to condemn those who violate our land.

Do not be afraid to dream of an honest world, with authentic interpersonal relationships, where a handshake is worth more than “a like.”

For those selling smoke, you’re only selling smoke, you will dissolve into the air.