The vision of “Statomentale16” is dreamt up by Francesco Nicoletti, a native of Matera. The concept is simple: flaunt your character and express your inner desire that says: “Fuck it, I exist, and I speak for myself!”

So, how did we arrive here? How did we arrive to the dawn of a new revolution?

The story “officially” starts 7 years ago. Well, that is to give a tangible date, to the opening of his concept store: “Smalti e Colori.” However, the ambition started way before then, and his vision to create this space was influenced not only by the history of the city, but also by the history of the locale itself, as well as a response to general mindsets.

“Smalti e Colori,” is a concept store specializing primarily in independent eyewear but also, in jewelry.

“In this place we wanted to bring a change to trends, a stop to massive consumerism and create a space that stimulates self-exploration, with the aim of conveying one's character by choosing accessories as an expressive medium.”

The place is indeed magical.

Located in the historic center of the “Città dei Sassi,” on one of the oldest and most famous streets in the city, Via delle Beccherie, a street characteristically paved with the famous white stone (le chianche). As the street name suggests, directly translating to “Street of the Butcher Shops,” was lined with butchers’ shops and houses.

Every weekend, the inhabitants of the Sassi would gather in the cellars to indulge in a game of cards and to drink a good glass of wine after their day of hard work. They would discuss their problems or the most important facts of their day: it was truly the epicenter for entertainment and socialization.

In the summer of 2015, Francesco and his colleagues, decided to recover one of these forgotten spaces, number 82, which had already been abandoned for many years, with the firm intention of giving it back the light it had experienced in former years.

The locale itself is revealed over two floors: on the ground floor it culminates in a cave that connects everything to the primordial part of civilization, and on the upper floor, now a relaxation area, opens up to a beautiful view of the millenary houses.

It was the perfect place to realize his vision.

The name, Smalti e Colori, was chosen due to Francesco’s belief that everything is interconnected:

“We are custodians of what we inherit, and we have the duty to pass it on to those who come after us. In this place, for decades, existed a reseller of paint and materials, and even before them, there was a reseller of tobacco. So, it’s a place that found its identity in commerce. I like to imagine artisans and artists who supplied themselves with materials to create (paint factory), while letting themselves give in to their vices (tobacconists) and when the work ended, they indulged in the ritual of good food accompanied by wine.”

16.04.16 - 16.04.22: 6 years

This year, Smalti e Colori celebrates 6 years. It’s become a gathering place for both the locals who seek out one-of-a-kind accessories to express their uniqueness, but also, attracts eyewear enthusiasts, from all corners of the globe. It’s a reminder that glasses, once perceived only as a medical device or seen as an embarrassment, can actually be viewed as a viable medium to express the personality of the wearer. With its growing customer base, it’s an affirmation that there exists, within everyone, the capability of conjuring up an inner revolution, stimulating the state of mind we create. It’s harnessing the pure essence of just “being,” which allows us to free the energies necessary to express our thoughts and relay them to others.