A starting point for the future.

An assertive movement that speaks of individuals and not of groups.

We collaborated with our friends, TAVAT Eyewear, to deliver a capsule collection:



A starting point for the future. As assertive movement that speaks of individuals and not of groups; yet, a vision of personal progress that contributes to the needs of our collective future.
As a manifesto for tomorrow, we launch this project, with a collection of eyewear, while nodding to the punk attitude.
It’s a state of being. We are doing it our way.

why this collaboration?

"Visions draw people together and the energy that crosses the minds encourages the encounter. I got to know the TAVAT world, thanks to Roberta, and I immediately perceived belonging to the same TRIBE.
Today we give life to this project that will embrace all those who will feel part of this TRIBE. Concepts that come from the past, eager to embrace an ethically correct future, full of sustainable content." - Frank


Each frame is designed with the strong intention to stand out, to make a statement, and we use black and white as a starting point for the future.

All acetate featured in this collaboration stems from the Italian House of Mazzucchelli.®

Italy is the birthplace of eyewear. We are proud to be manufactured in Italy by expert artisans, who build each frame from start to finish using traditional methods of manufacturing.


The Lenses

All of our lenses featured in this collaboration are infused with a synthetic melanin to provide the ultimate in eye protection, improving clarity, enhancing contrast, without any colour distortion.

Our lenses are inspired by the natural defenses of the human body against the sun. The synthetic melanin acts in the same way as natural melanin, just like a shield against both UV rays and up -to 97% of the harmful violet-blue light (HEV). Our lenses provide the same protection equivalent to a sun lotion with a SPF superior to 140!

This means higher protection and better performance at the same time, with long-term benefits.

the packaging

Our commitment to sustainability is weaved into everything we do. We continue to implement proactive initiatives in integrating environmental and social responsibility principles into our core business practices.
We focus on every detail:
* Both the pouch and cleaning cloth have been produced from recycled nylon.
* The plastic bag is made from recycled materials and is biodegradable.
* The Booklet and the Certificate of Authenticity are printed on FSC-Certified paper.
* And with frame sold, we have planted a tree with One Tree Planted organization.