EYEWEAR: The fall of a known “category” or the rise of a classification that was never considered before?

Taking into consideration any online platform that seeks to filter our available options, “Eyewear” will usually be found within the category: “Accessories,” which encompasses all things that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.

The fact is: whilst identifying eyewear as an "accessory," it does indeed position itself within a useful category; however, it places a secondary importance to its complementary significance.

Unfortunately, over time, eyewear has been perceived more and more as a stigma, of being viewed solely as a medical device, completely leaving out the consideration for aesthetics.

Fortunately, there does exist a minority of enthusiasts and aesthetes today, who have always recognized the medical validity of glasses but also, (and equally,) valued their aesthetics.

It is thanks to these pioneers that we can have an alternative attitude, a different view, towards “eyewear.”
… More importantly, we now have a new path to explore and discover.

So, the first question I asked myself on this path is, "Why should we keep referring to Eyewear… as an Accessory?"

In this significant moment, where the world has changed, there should be a new classification highlighted, which gives justice to Eyewear.

The truth is, eyewear can be an expressive medium, a characteristic manifestation of who we are. Through them, we express ourselves, revealing who we are and our being.

Now, considering this truth, do we still want to call it only an Accessory?

For way too long, eyewear has been relegated to a shelf, sometimes illuminated by a cold white light, waiting for a merchandiser who will not talk about their story but will merely mention the brand name that marks them.

This poor and sad accessory, after the pure exchange of some banknotes (which more often than not serves to cover the price of the lenses), becomes yours.

Yet, this mistreated Accessory has made the fortune for several companies, which have produced millions of pieces:  promoting that they’re: “the glasses worn by this popstar,” “the glasses chosen by this footballer,” or “those indulged by this influencer.”

Generations of opticians have ridden the wave of mass-consumerism, with the slogan “EVEN YOU CAN BE LIKE THEM,” written in large letters, on a sparkling poster, depicting the beauty of the subject, with this object.

After this reflection, the second question arises: What else has been overlooked… along with this accessory?”

The answer is simple: The uniqueness of each of us, our personality!

As if by magic we discover that our personality, accompanied with eyewear, are actually symbiotic, one-in-the-same, embarking on this journey, together.

A journey that has been slowly shaped indeed, but in turn, has forged these two elements, until they became a single CONCEPT.