For every purchase, SM16 will plant a tree with One Tree Planted

We’re partnering with One Tree Planted to impact the world in a positive way.

Our commitment to sustainability is weaved into everything we do at SM16.

One’s inner revolution, their “State of Mind,” is revealed through their actions, their relationships, how they express themselves and also they simultaneously reveal themselves in their daily actions.
It is being aware that this isn’t solely an individual journey but also, a journey as a community.
We believe that in order to uphold our tradition, we also have an inherent responsibility to our community and our environment. What we did yesterday should be outdone by what we do today, and tomorrow forward to help ensure a lifetime for generations to come.

We’re working on being the best alternative to not just being ‘another store.’ Our vision is to be a sustainable concept that changes the way you view our world. We will remain true to our roots, by continuing to challenge the norm, and to challenge mass-thinking, and our initiative today is only the beginning.

For every purchase via our website, we will be planting a tree with the help of the One Tree Planted organization.