The Great Church or an Old Cinema?

I believe that concepts are missing in today's landscape because the creative people, those people who have influenced entire generations, are no longer present or are now asleep.

Companies have put everyone's destiny into the hands of a few. As for our sector, our "niche," it is as if it were seen today, as the green garden where many would like to now enter.

My personal idea is that even this green garden is now in the hands of those who have no inclination nor artistic vision, but instead, is composed of some good accountants who look only at potential earnings.

I am not a visionary poet who does not like to make a living; I am a person who has understood that this system has reached its final destination.

Today, whoever is in charge of these companies, or has invested money in this business, knows the ending of this current story all too well.

Everyone is waiting for a new system, perhaps an environmentally sustainable one, capable of returning petrol back to the engine.

Here, in fact, everyone is waiting, nothing is to be invented but everything is to be recovered and rediscovered, and that a new language (also a visual one) will be essential to attract people's attention.

The product must not be just an object, it must not be owned only for one season, but must become an essential part of the lifestyle we belong to (like my leather jacket, a faithful friend for life).

This means giving value to either what you buy or what you create.

This CONCEPT must be part of us, to feel an emotional empathy, and identifying ourselves in the product itself.

The transition is very subtle, do you want to recognize yourself in the product or do you want to become like the model that wears the product? 

Well, the second part to this question has seen the answer: a generation characterized by conformity and devoid of uniqueness.

We must reverse this course and flip the script. We have to buy and create what is in tune with ourselves, taking into consideration the colors, the shapes and the design. It’s not about spending less but instead, it’s about buying the right concept for ourselves.

The concept of quality endures over time, and if it identifies our being it could become timeless, like a painting or a sculpture that when we look at them, they evoke emotion.